Neill Evans

Neill Evans

Neill is the Head of Training for Phoenix Aviation. Phoenix Aviation is a UK CAA Registered Training Facility that offers flying tuition, ground school and ground exams for the Private Pilot's licence (PPL), Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL), and the National Private Pilot's Licence (NPPL), single engine and Microlight aircraft.

Neill was previously employed by NATS (formerly National Air Traffic Services Ltd.) as an Air Traffic Project Specialist, specialising in the compilation and delivery of training material and simulations to trainee and qualified Air Traffic Control Officers. He also held Civil Aviation Authority approval for the delivery of TRUCE (Training in Unusual Circumstances and Emergencies), a licensing requirement for Air Traffic Control Officers.

He holds a European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) Commercial Pilots Licence, and is a qualified EASA Flight Examiner. In addition, he is also an EASA flight instructor course instructor, flight instructor and instrument rating instructor. He has a total of 3800 flying hours of which 2500 are on single engine piston aircraft, 350 on multi-engine aircraft and 850 on microlight aircraft.

Neill's flying career began in 1981 when he joined the RAF, which he retired from in 1989.

His current responsibilities include instructing and examining individuals for EASA PPL(A), EASA LAPL(A), NPPL(SSEA), NPPL(M), instrument ratings and instrument rating renewals.

Neill has had experience on the following types of aircraft; PA34, PA32, PA38, PA28, PAI8, C210, C208, C182, CI72, C152, C150, SR22, SR20, B121, B125, DH89, DH82, DHC-1, BE58, BE76, Extra-400 along with numerous microlight and vintage aircraft.




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