FIC Preparation

Experienced Flying Instructors who would like to upgrade to FIC Instructor need look no further than Pooleys Flying Instructor School.

Obtaining this teaching privilege requires the following:

1) Minimum of 500 instructional hours on aircraft (it should be noted that this is the absolute minimum requirement and that most candidates will be expected to have considerably more experience)

2) There is no longer a requirement for a CAA interview but it is recommended that candidates study CAA Standards Document 10 which will provide details of knowledge requirements.

3) A pre FIC preparation course with an FIC Examiner. The duration of this course is dependant on the candidate's experience, theoretical knowledge, teaching skills and skill as a pilot.

4) Flight test, Pre-Flight Briefing, Long Briefing and a series of questions testing depth of theoretical knowledge. This test is carried out with a CAA Examiner and will last most of a day.




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