The Pooleys Flying Instructor School (PFIS) provides the very best ground training environment possible with every training aid useful to a student instructor teaching and learning experience. No expense has been spared in this pursuit of excellence. Capable of comfortably seating up to 6 students the classroom is spacious, light and was purpose designed with student instructor needs in mind.

On-line access is provided for Notam, Met and CAA AIS services as well as providing a research tool for the students. All computers are late editions and have all the up to date software a student might require. Pooleys are the intellectual property owners of many aviation publications, all of which are available to students. Many of these have been written or edited by Dorothy allowing her to share a wealth of knowledge. In addition all of the normally expected aviation reference data is available together with a huge library of OHP slides, Power Point presentations, various wall posters and a large variety of aircraft instruments and engine parts.

There is a separate area containing bathroom facilities and kitchenette where coffee and snacks may be prepared and eaten. Just 100 yards away is the Shoreham Main Terminal building and restaurant.





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Pooleys Flying Instructor School

Room 28, Main Terminal Building,
Shoreham Airport, Cecil Pashley Way,
Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5FF, UK.

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